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Yolanda Johnson, founder, Education Advocacy Law GroupEducation Advocacy Law Group

Our Future is in Education!

Former School Board member, Yolanda Johnson, is excited to announce her most important work yet, the Education Advocacy Law Group. Through this group, Yolanda will begin to shape the way parents engage with school systems through reasoned and informed advocacy. When advocating alone does not work, the group will create solutions that may include litigation as a last resort.

Yolanda Johnson spent nearly a decade as an elected member of the Atlanta Board of Education. As a school board member, she saw firsthand the challenges teachers, and school systems in general, face in their efforts to education all children with resources that are constantly shrinking. As a lawyer, she sees how we can educate parents to be the first and best advocates for their children, by simply knowing their rights and the rights of their children. Yolanda wants to lead that education, and to train others to join the movement toward advocating and celebrating our exceptional children.

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